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Welcome to the world of... GLO

GLO Dance Fitness offers a very unique combination of exciting and innovative classes that incorporates Dance, Aerobics, Strength, Core, Combat, HIIT, Step, Aqua, Spin, Overs, Outdoors and Juniors all carefully choreographed to well known Pop Music, from No.1 smash hits in the charts today to mash-ups and remixes from the past decades and dance charts. 


Our First Class in the GLO Chain is 'GLO - Dance Fitness' It's a combined high energy fitness class created in the dark using glow sticks to all of the latest pop and dance chart hits with specially choreographed dance and fitness routines. Click here to find out more... GLO DANCE FITNESS 

GLO Ability is a program designed to transform those with a disability of any kind in to having the ability to move, dance and enjoy music at all levels.

GLO Aqua is a pool party with a difference, we adapt our dry class in to powerful movements that will propel fitness in the water through an aerobic dynamic water workout.

GLO Bhangra Fit is specially choreographed Bhangra and Bollywood style dance moves to bring you the most powerful dance class around to all of the most popular Bhangra music releases.

GLOathon is our Charity Chain that will be holding lots of amazing events raising money for local charities around the UK.

GLO Global is our International operation that will get the whole WORLD GLO-ing. With partners launching in Asia, Australia and Europe it's a very exciting time for choreographers and leading fitness professionals to unite in all things dance, music and fitness.

GLO Good Food Guide - Nutrition is such a major part of any fitness regime and here at Glo we like good food in the very best way, its a simple yet effecting plan that will change the way you view food forever. 

GLO Juniors  - Kids will love this UV dance in the dark party concept, everything glows, wands, skipping ropes, hula hoops, face paints it's a fun way to keep our Glo Kids super fit and healthy.

GLO On Demand - Now you can have GLO 24 hours a day and have a GLO in your home like never before, if you can't make class, don't worry we have it covered, now you will never miss an opportunity to Glo with the all-new GLO On Demand Member options.

GLO Overs is a unique dance class for the over 50's. We take people back-in-time on a dance journey to relive their youth and get together with a group of friends to refresh memories of great routines and love of good music including music from Motown, The Beatles, Diana Ross, Jackson 5, The Temptations and more.

GLO Outdoor is for the hardcore nature lovers who simply love working out in the great outdoors. From running clubs to boot camps the great outdoors is the perfect place to meet up with your GLO community friends.

GLO Power - Think High Intensity Interval Training, Combat, Core and Strengthening all in one amazing dance fitness class. Specially choreographed unique routines that will really challenge you beyond your comfort zone.

GLO PRO Instructor - There has never been a better time to join the fresh and innovative GLO concept and launch your own classes from a selection of our GLO Chain programs. We give exclusivity on areas to avoid over saturation on areas and eliminate competition. As a Glo Pro Member we are in competition with no one our ultimate aim is to get the world moving to our beat and increase their fitness and lifestyle and we do that together as a team. 

GLO Spin is the new indoor cycling spin class that is all about the music with some seriously butt-kicking routines. Spin for Beginners through to Advanced it's the ultimate cardio workout.

GLO Step for those who love old school aerobics, we mash it up with the music to keep you on your toes and stepping like never before. It's the new name in step with an eclectic mix of popular chart music and old school remixes, a real feel good factor workout.

GLO Tone adds resistance by using light weights and other equipment with a major emphasis on targeting specific muscle groups including core, arms and legs. Choreography and music is adapted for full enjoyment and engagement in the program.

In all classes we Master the Moves to Maximise on the Results.




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